After lengthy product development phases and testing (by both hoomans and cats!), we're proud to share with you the following authentic feedback which showcases what our highly valued & verified customers have to say about their Pryde Pets experience...

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Fantastic Product!

I was lucky enough to have the lovely Denise and her daughter hand deliver my items as we lived in neighbouring suburbs - what service!

My boy does have access to the outside world but to try and encourage him to spend more time at home, I put these shelves up on our outside brick wall. It took a few treats for encouragement - he loves the high view to watch the world!

Totally recommend these shelves - design is contemporary and so different to what is out there. The texture is great for scratching too. Good job team!

Modern and fun

The shelves in the lighter color go well with my house decor. I wanted cat shelves that were not cartoony and would like nice in my home. The soft material has been Great for my kittens to grip on to and they’ve had lots of fun learning to jump between them.

Perfect for our fur ball

Quick and easy to install with a little DIY confidence. Much loved by our kitty.

Great Product !!!! Love Loveeeee

My new rescue cat Miss Tabitha… Lovessssss the climbing shelf’s as they’re not only pretty on the eye for us owners but also so faaaantastic for my cats … Ollie my second cat who also loves the little wall highway…!!! I am going to buy more & more from you…as these shelf’s are fantastic recycled materials & my cats claws can hold on to the material & not slide of.. great gripping just what you need for our furry kids…Great exercise & playground for my indoor cats . Thank You Pryde 😻🙏😻for improving my cats wellbeing !!!

So easy to install. Looks great and my cats love them.

My Cats…. Love Ittttttt !!!

Not only does the shelfs look stylish but also are great quality.. the recycled material makes great climbing shelfs … which my cats would not slide off like traditional wood shelfs while running like a crazy cat & jumping…from one shelf to another…10 out of 10 .. I will definitely buy more … My cats also like sleeping on the shelfs… as it is also designed for comfort. :)))) Thank You Pryde for a great practical & good looking design…!!! Lots of happy meows from Ollie & Miss Tabitha 🐾🐾

My kittens LOVE it!!

As we have two kittens right now, we have only installed one of the wider shelves so far, and will figure out more accurate placement for the others as they grow into large Ragdolls. They are obsessed with it! For both sleeping and playing on. I can’t wait to add more! Awesome product.

Meow-nted Cat Climbing

My boy Miso has been enjoying one of his curved pryde shelves in the loungeroom today, which looks over me while l work. He snoozed all afternoon & only occasionally opened an eye to look at me. The cats be also become a living art work on the walls which is rather nice.

There use to be a lot of fighting and inappropriate play between my 2 cats. I even had to separate them for 3 weeks. However, since getting the gorgeous Pryde shelves they are so much happier! We play, relax & sleep on them most of the day, everyday! Best of all, the fighting, boredom & inappropriate play has stopped.

I must say a big thank you to the amazing women who designed these elegant shelves. I've been doing up my house & after all the money & time l have spent, l didn't want to catify the house with ugly shelves that stood out like dogs . . . well you know what's 😂🤣😂

Thank you Pryde pets for enriching our lives & helping Mochi & Miso to have fun & relax around each. It is the best investment EVER!

Cat Super Highway

Love them, however, the small ones are harder to install than the bigger ones.

Great product, the cat loves her new play area up the wall! Eco friendly product made for recycled materials. Will certainly buy more product when required.

5 Star review from Namira

Namira absolutely loves them. They were easy to install. The customer service was fantastic, love the design, they look great…. Glad I got the two sets these are going to get a a lot of use.

My Cat loves this

This is such a great system bought this as extra piece to the set and will be purchasing another set in the future brilliant cat shelves.


Our cat Charlie adores these shelves his on them every day surveying his kingdom. Have already purchased more shelves and intend to extend them even further. Just make sure you have a stud finder as its essential for finding the right place to put it up for maximum strength. Charlie is a very big boy and like to leap from shelf to shelf with great gusto so far the shelves have been very strong for our rough boy.

Finally some aesthetic cat furniture for home

I've been waiting forever for a cat wall product like this to arrive in Aus. It's finally here, and looks every bit as good as I expected!

Our cats love these things.

We put them up and the cats have used them every day since. sometimes all day.

She loves it!

We popped ours up last weekend and one of our cats is all over the wall now. The other one is a little chubby and so just watched. Highly recommend for ultimate cat pleasure ☺️

Looks great

I installed two sets spanning the entire wall so my cat can play or just hung out up there. The material it's made from is cat friendly too so very happy and also recommend it to my other cat owner friends.

Amazing product

We have a void above our lounge room where our cat would meow at the balcony so we would come to the stairs and get her to bring her into the lounge room because she wanted to avoid the doggo coming down the stairs. Now the cat can walk down her own personal set of stairs to the lounge. The cat climbers are beautiful, hardy, safe and easy to install and save us getting up multiple times a night to escort the cat into the lounge room. We are all happy

Wall Meow-nted Cat Climbers (Oatmeal) - Set of 4 Shelves

Looks Amazing

I brought a set at the cat festival, I loved them so much I brought a second set. They are secured well and the quality is amazing. My cats love getting right to the top.


Purchased 2 sets at the cat lovers festival in Sydney after chatting with the team who were delightful. My purchase turned up 2 days later - so quick I was amazed. I didn’t install one for a few weeks but when I did they were simple to put up and my cats love them.
The second set is going in soon and I’m sure these will be just as popular . The box they come in was equally as popular and with the holes cut in it even more so. Thank you Pryde for making my clowder happy

Great product - great service

Bought two sets at the cat lovers festival in Sydney on Sunday and they were delivered to my home in rural NSW on Tuesday. Such great service from the lovely team - thankyou

Fantastic product, our boy Yuki is really enjoying using his freedom stairs :)

Happy Cat

Trooper loves his climbing tree. He can now watch the birds in the tree tops and it’s a great place just to relax.
Thanks for such a great product. So well made and looks attractive on the wall.