Elevating Feline Enrichment: Pryde Pets' Aesthetic Cat Furniture Solution

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Hi there! I’m Denise, co-founder of Pryde Pets™. My journey with cats has been long and heartfelt, shaping my life and leading to the creation of a community deeply dedicated to the happiness and enrichment of cats. It took seven years after the passing of my beloved cat, Phoebe, to open my heart again. That's when Mustang, a spirited Tonkinese with a knack for mischief, joined our family, steering me into the world of indoor cat care.

white old cat named phoebe resting in sun on deck
Phoebe, my first feline love

First Steps to Feline Enrichment: My experience with cats always involved them having the liberty to explore outdoors. However, Mustang’s indoor lifestyle, as recommended by his breeder, brought a new challenge: keeping him engaged and active within our home.

The Search for the Perfect Cat Furniture: I scoured the internet for cat furniture that wasn't just functional but also stylish. Unfortunately, most options clashed with our home’s aesthetic. This gap in the market for elegant cat furniture sparked a lightbulb moment for me.

very ugly cat furniture
My eyes... my eyes!!

From Frustration to Creation: Blending my passion for cats and interior design, Pryde Pets was born—a brand that serves our feline friends' needs without compromising style. After extensive research and design, we proudly introduced Pryde’s wall-mounted cat furniture and climbers.

Introducing Pryde Pets' Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture: Crafted from eco-friendly materials and with a keen eye on design, our cat shelves offer space-saving functionality and style. They are made with felt from 100% recycled PET bottles and boast a modular design, allowing pet parents to customize their cat's vertical playground.

wall mounted cat furniture shelves prototype

Installation of our first prototype!

Why Pryde Pets' Cat Shelves Stand Out:

  1. Exercise and Adventure: Our shelves cater to cats’ instinctual desire to climb and perch, providing a vertical playground that mimics the excitement of outdoor exploration.

  2. Mental Engagement: The varied levels and layouts encourage curiosity and mental stimulation, keeping your cat’s mind sharp and entertained.

  3. Space-Saving Design: Utilize vertical space to enrich your cat’s environment without sacrificing floor space, ideal for cozy homes and apartments.

  4. Stylish Integration: Say farewell to clunky cat furniture. Our sleek, minimalist design complements your home decor, making your cat’s play area a chic addition to your space.

  5. Safety and Comfort: Constructed with cat-friendly materials, our shelves offer a cozy, scratch-resistant spot for your cat to lounge and play.

  6. Customizable Layouts: Modular designs allow for endless possibilities, creating a unique cat climbing wall or a snug corner to relax.

  7. Hassle-Free Installation: We’ve streamlined the installation process, ensuring a secure and stable setup for your cat’s new favorite spot.

  8. Strengthening Bonds: These interactive shelves provide a platform for play and quality time, deepening the connection between you and your cat.

  9. Enhancing Home Decor: Our cat shelves are a testament to functional beauty, elevating your interior design while enriching your cat’s life.

  10. Eco-Conscious Choice: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our use of recycled materials, making your choice a step towards a greener planet.

Welcome to Your Cat’s New Indoor Paradise: Catering to an indoor cat’s needs can be a challenge, but with Pryde Pets’ Wall Meow-nted Cat Climbers, you can offer the stimulation and activity they crave without sacrificing your home’s style. Our dedication to feline enrichment, aesthetic elegance, and eco-friendliness distinguishes us in the world of modern cat furniture. Let’s create a joyful, stylish, and sustainable environment for our feline friends together.